Selena Bluefield


3 Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Still Loves You

20th May 2009
There are always indicators that your ex girlfriend still loves you. Here are 3 signs that she still loves you and how to handle them. She keeps in contact with you all the time. If she texts or calls you on a regular basis this is a huge sign that she... Read >

Get Your Ex Back - Is Zero Contact Rule Effective?

07th May 2009
If your partner just broke up with you and you want them back, than the "zero contact" rule is what you need to use. Of course this rule is not 100% guaranteed to work considering the fact that we are all unique and we react different to certain situation... Read >

5 Top Reasons Why Relationships Break Up

02nd February 2009
There are five top reasons as to why relationships break up and although there are a thousand and one reasons why you may have lost a loved one, the chances are that it will fall into one of these main categories. 1. Infidelity - A lot more than just love... Read >

Get Back Your Ex Girlfriend Even if She is on the Rebound

28th January 2009
With any relationship that has broken down, both parties normally go on the rebound, which basically means that they jump head first into another relationship to try and take their mind off the bad one that has passed. Although this doesn't apply o all re... Read >

Reconcile With an Ex Girlfriend - Start Today

08th January 2009
Reconciliation is a two way street where both you and your ex- girlfriend have to come to terms with and a mutual arrangement agreed upon to the satisfaction of both of you. Whatever the disagreement between you both - a reconciliation, if possible, is... Read >

What Women Expect From a Man

08th December 2008
Being a man Women like to feel that their men-folk are "proper" men. Men who are accomplished, capable of making decisions (usually in consultation), but always instinctively knowing their partners preferences. Men with ambition, with good careers, and... Read >

What Women Want: The Romantic Lovemaking

08th December 2008
Of the two sexes, women are, in general, the more romantic. It is not enough just to be there for them, it is also necessary to tell them and demonstrate your feelings regularly. Simple gifts and flowers for example are a great manifestation of ones fe... Read >

What Women Expect From a Relationship - Tips For Men

03rd December 2008
1. Make Time For Her One of the cardinal sins a man can commit is to not have time for his partner.Too many long hours at work, or frequent nights out drinking with the lads, will make your lady feel neglected, and that these other pursuits are more im... Read >