3 Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Still Loves You

Published: 20th May 2009
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There are always indicators that your ex girlfriend still loves you. Here are 3 signs that she still loves you and how to handle them.

She keeps in contact with you all the time. If she texts or calls you on a regular basis this is a huge sign that she still loves you and is interested in what is happening in your life. Obviously by doing this it shows she is not ready to let go of the relationship.

She seems to show up wherever you are. When she is appearing at functions or places that she knows you will be at is another sign that she is still in love with you and wants to be a part of your life. She may appear nonchalantly at first but then it changes to be more and more often.

When you are together observe the way that she looks at you. The eyes are the key to the soul. There is no hiding person's true feeling when you stare them in the eye. You will able to see the longing and the love that she ahs for you in her eyes.

If these signs are present then you can almost ascertain that she still loves you. Now is the opportunity for you to rekindle the fires. It can be one of the most romantic times in your life. Show her your love for her now while the feelings are still with her. She may not want to rekindle things right away but if you persevere there is every reason in the world to believe that you can win her back.

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