Get Your Ex Back - Is Zero Contact Rule Effective?

Published: 07th May 2009
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If your partner just broke up with you and you want them back, than the "zero contact" rule is what you need to use. Of course this rule is not 100% guaranteed to work considering the fact that we are all unique and we react different to certain situations. Nevertheless this rule has proved to be a very efficient one with a rate of success of 75% when it was applied in a correct way. So here is what you need to know:

Usually after a break up that you didn't want your first impulse would be to panic and desperately try to get your ex back by calling, texting and chasing them. This is wrong. That is the first thing you shouldn't do because it makes you look pathetic, weak and desperate to your ex. Since you wouldn't want to have a desperate and weak partner at your side, lets assume that your partner wouldn't like that either.

This is when the "zero contact" rule comes in handy. By using this rule you become mysterious to your partner and this will attract their attention back at you. Your ex will start wondering weather you still think about them and if they lost you for good. This will also make them realize all the things that they miss about you. So there you have it: instead of driving your ex away by begging and pleading them to come back, you are actually drawing them towards you.

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