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Published: 08th January 2009
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Reconciliation is a two way street where both you and your ex- girlfriend have to come to terms with and a mutual arrangement agreed upon to the satisfaction of both of you.

Whatever the disagreement between you both - a reconciliation, if possible, is the best outcome possible for the both of you. And, if you are both determined to agree upon a mutual reconciliation where both of your needs of the relationship are respected each by the other - the relationship does stand a chance of having a future.

Humility and remorse has to be sincere and not rescinded upon by either party, if the reconciliation is to be a successful one. Any person can inflict a lot of hurt upon their partner if anger is fueled by ongoing spats each towards the other.

The need for open honest communication at all times is the key to avoiding angry confrontations each with the other. Respect the relationship between you and your partner enough to allow hostilities to be spoken about at the time they happen, rather than bottle up anger and resentment towards each other that is going to have a pressure cooker effect if hurt feelings are allowed to build.

Meeting each other in a public place outside the home is desirous because neither of you is going to want a "public" slinging match each towards the other. Be kind, gentle and congenial towards one another if you hope for the terms of a reconciliation to be agreed upon.

Don't harbor anger and resentment that is going to undermine any chance of a reconciliation between you, if that is what you truly want for your relationship together. Try and meet your partner with an open mind and an open heart and try to be upfront and honest in your approach to a reconciliation between you and your ex girlfriend.

Be firm about expectations and allow your ex girlfriend to be the same. Respect each other's boundaries as well as each other and you may be surprised at the outcome.

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