What Women Expect From a Relationship - Tips For Men

Published: 03rd December 2008
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1. Make Time For Her

One of the cardinal sins a man can commit is to not have time for his partner.Too many long hours at work, or frequent nights out drinking with the lads, will make your lady feel neglected, and that these other pursuits are more important to you than she is.

It is of course still important to make time for oneself. Women do not want to feel stifled or crowded. It is equally important to allow them freedom to "do their own thing". Jealousy is to be avoided at all costs. Whilst women need to know they are loved and cherished, jealousy will lead to a feeling of claustrophobia and the woman beginning to feel trapped. Mutual trust is so important.

2. Sharing

Women like to know that their male partner is ready, willing, and able to share in day to day family life. Joint parenting classes for the expectant mum and dad, taking turns at getting up in the night to feed baby (where of course the infant is being bottle fed), sharing nappy changing duty. It's not just the fact that this allows mum a good night sleep, but also that the menial and dirty jobs are shared. That she is not just some sort of a domestic servant.

Men shouldn't feel embarrassed to show their sensitive side. Women after all are sensitive creatures and the knowledge that this sensitivity is shared and expressed makes a woman proud of her man.

3. Feeling Safe

Women very often take the lead in the "home maker" role, and an important aspect of this is the need to feel safe and secure. This is much more prevalent between married couples, and especially those with children. Despite their romantic nature, women are also very practical, and the knowledge that they have four square walls around them and theirs, and that it is always known where the next square meal is coming from gives her a feeling of well being.

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